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August 2021: Meucci Ilunga has joined the lab as a UA PREP student. Mireya Herrera has joined the lab as a wet-lab specialist. Welcome Meucci and Mireya!

August 2021: The Padi Lab has been awarded an R01 grant from the National Cancer Institute! We are extremely excited to begin work on this project, entitled "Unraveling the regulatory circuits that drive Merkel cell carcinoma," where we will use a systems genomics approach to identify therapeutic vulnerabilities in neuroendocrine tumors. We are currently recruiting for graduate student and postdoc positions. Please contact Megha at for more information.


June 2021: Adam Grant, CBIO PhD student, successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Adam -- you will be missed!!

May 2021: Dante Bellomo joined the lab as a CBIO PhD student. Welcome Dante!

May 2021: Faith Kennedy has been awarded a UBRP x Data Science Academy fellowship. Congratulations Faith!

January 2021: Our new paper on estimating the statistical significance of disease network modules has appeared in Frontiers in Genetics. Congrats to James Lim, Chen Chen, and Adam Grant!

September 2020: The Padi Lab will be collaborating with PIs Nathan Ellis and Xavier Llor on an NCI R01 entitled "Epigenetic dysregulation in APC-negative colorectal cancer."

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